​You are invited to participate in this Experimental Writing Project. This is an open and interactive project in which we will go throughout the process of creating a novel from scratch, reviewing the most common theories, and going some steps further. Instead of buying expensive courses, we intend to share the knowledge we have accumulated as writers, including the knowledge we have acquired through those expensive courses. 

Course approach.
As a benchwork, we will be using the novel I am currently writing. We will be applying over this novel the different theories about the construction of a good story, the methods of investigation and the ways of manipulating the researched information in a creative way. We will be touching a variety of subjects involved in the making of a memorable novel, as structure, plots, subplots, dramatic pulse, character development, and even the Fibonacci structure for the more demanding writers.

A unique opportunity.
Also, as a coincidence of the kind of coincidence that Jung defined as "Synchronicity," we will have the unique opportunity to examine how from the same information it has been possible to generate two different novels at almost the same time. A recognized author, a winner of the Principe de Asturias award, just published his last novel. It seems that at the same time we both were researching the same period and the same characters but we came out with two different stories. So, it will be an opportunity for you to know how, from the same source, you can come up with your own and unique creation, different from mine or his, with your own fingerprint and with a winner quality.

The need for a new level of Awareness.
We all know that the research process and the collected information from such research are important. The process of discovering connections among different pieces of information spread throughout that material, according to Dan Brown, is part of the investigation and necessary for successful writing. As he explains, finding connections between the pieces of information gives you invaluable narrative material. According to him, it is a consequence of the accumulation of knowledge from your research. The ability to find links, patterns, and connections through the collected information is generally an innate personal skill. Nevertheless, I think that a person can be trained to achieve the same level of awareness.

Meditation as a tool for creativity.
What is unique in this experimental writing project, called the Magical Mystery Course, is the use of my personal method of meditation, created in order to find patterns and connections between the information researched and also in all inputs of our perception. This method promotes a subconscious state of creative alertness that works permanently even and especially in sleep.
At some point, I learned that Carl Jung studied what he called Active Imagination. My surprise came from the fact that what he described is exactly as I understand my own method of creative meditation which I use extensively in my writing. Active Imagination puts you in a receptive mode so any input of information can be used for creative purposes.
After that, it was not a big surprise that even David Lynch dedicated a whole chapter to what he calls Transcendental Meditation. Although, I do not believe in his explanatory theories (or in any, to be fair), nevertheless, his message is the same. He states that this Transcendental Meditation is a way to get more consciousness, to make the subconscious conscious. "It brings more creativity"- he says​.
I have used my form of meditation to create complete scenes for my novels, to solve complicated plots, to enrich my stories with different aspects not considered before, and especially to find connections between pieces of information; generally speaking to solve creative problems.

The expectations.

This experimental and cooperative project will be developed through my blog and is completely free, of course. I invite you again to join me in this literary adventure. Bring your own idea for a novel and use the exposed and discussed information to turn it into a complete and published work. It is expected that this blog can guide you with the advice and cooperation of all the participants. 

​This is the preview of the novel I am currently writing and on which we will be discussing and applying the different writing theories and paradigms: