About Me

This is me:

My name is Pablo Castelo. I became a writer when I could not paint any longer for economic reasons. Since then, I have written a collection of short stories and a fantasy novel. One of the short stories won a literary contest in Europe. My fantasy novel has a science stream embedded in it but also talks about history, religion, art, and human stupidity. It was inspired by Umberto Ecco's ideas which were published after his novel, The name of the Rose. It is not a coincidence then, that you will recognize a character from another story, a whole chapter of Don Quixote, or some graphical environments created by Escher used as a scenery for the novel. Every chapter represents an adventure episode but also a lesson in topology, chemistry, or geometry. All of these independent streams get closer as the adventure progresses. In the end, they converge, and all the intellectual learning acquires the role of a dramatic element like any other subplot. The book was entirely illustrated, page by page, in a Medieval style. I also made Photoshop composites with modern aesthetic concepts.

I am currently working on a Middle Age story called "Scratches On The Steel." Again, the story is the result of an amalgam of fantasy and science, but most of all human condition. It will talk about peasant revolts, swords, alchemy, and superstitions but, more importantly, what lies deep in our subconscious mind and explain our behavior although it's considered to be written in our fate. The overall plot is about the solving of a crime in a Middle Age castle.

Some trivia about myself:

I was raised in the Amazonian jungle. I have painted portraits, landscapes, and abstract-figurative paintings. I have made around 50 pieces of metal scrap miniatures, masks, and more conventional anthropomorphic figures. I like to cook classical recipes. I used to walk alone through the mountains for days. My favorite place to write is a balcony in Otavalo. I love Beethoven's music but also chants, ancient music, and Loreena McKennitt songs. I develop my own paint recipes as well as my own sculpturing dough. I love computer graphics, web development, and 3D modeling and animation. I make my own book promotional videos.

If you want to see samples of my work, visit the photo albums I have on Facebook  HERE