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My Blog is a regularly updated page dedicated to sharing and commenting the ideas and reflections that are emerging as I prepare the writing of my next novel. A novel is not made only by the story that appears in its pages: its pages are only the tip of the Iceberg. As the writer figures out an approach to the work that is yet to be developed and delves into the details that must precede it, he is subjected to many reflections that lead him to choose important alternatives in front of pre-existing paradigms.

For this reason, it is not strange that a writer notes down his meditations, whether they are purely theoretical hypotheses that support the work or more practical options that structure the plot. My blog only makes public my preliminary reflections without revealing the actual plot of my next novel. I hope that other writers are interested in my thoughts and are willing to share their points of view, for the enrichment of all. Ideally, the information shared here is expected to help other writers to undertake the writing of their own works.

Posts from 2017-08-18


Recently, in an article called “11 Smart Tips for Brilliant Writing” I read:

“Do you sound smarter when you use big words?”

“According to a study published in Applied Cognitive Psychology, the answer is no. In fact, complex writing makes you sound small-minded. "

“ ...To sound smart, you must stop trying to sound smart. Brilliant writing is simple writing, a relevant idea delivered clearly and directly.”

This made me think of several things I collected here. They are only my personal reflections in an effort to find my own pathway, methods, and paradigms. They are not intended to show people the correct way to write.

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Aunque el título podría sorprender a un lector fuera de los Estados Unidos y aunque este artículo responde a una de las directrices que en esa cultura se aplican a la escritura, sus argumentos pueden ser interesantes para todos.

Recientemente, en un artículo titulado "11 consejos inteligentes para la escritura brillante" (“11 Smart Tips for Brilliant Writing” )leí:

"¿Pareces más inteligente cuando usas palabras grandes?"

"Según un estudio publicado en Applied Cognitive Psychology, la respuesta es no. De hecho, la escritura compleja te hace sonar de mente pequeña. "

"... Para sonar inteligente, debe dejar de intentar sonar inteligente. La escritura brillante es una escritura simple, una idea relevante entregada clara y directamente ".

Esto me hizo pensar en varias cosas que he recogido aquí. Estas son sólo mis reflexiones personales en un esfuerzo por encontrar mi propio camino, mis métodos y paradigmas. No tienen la intención de mostrar a la gente la forma correcta de escribir.

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