I decided to initiate a blog about writing after reading K.M. Weiland's blog. I was highly impressed with her article "4 reasons you should outline your settings"  https://www.helpingwritersbecomeauthors.com/4-reasons-outline-settings/

Her article was amazingly interesting to me. My education was always science oriented. I had no education in Literature and I refused to get some because I did not want to be more influenced than what I already was through the books I have read. So, I created my own theories about how to write a short story or a novel. Now, I am amazed to see my ideas and even my methods written in her article. Even the use of the conscious and subconscious mind as a method for writing.

I completely agree with her point that a story is made up by scenes that need specific settings, not only physical but psychological as well. And yes, every scene offers the opportunity to either deepen and strengthen the story. For me, they are also part of a web of scenes strongly related with each other which creates the final spine of the whole story. This web is premeditated and has to be there before writing the first page. I have used her Dreamzone/Conscious Mind method too, without knowing it existed outside of me. In a conscious way, I squeeze all the possibilities offered me by a scene or by the whole story until I think there are no more logical choices. Sometimes, I have stopped the thinking as I believed that there was no possible solution. Then, I let my subconsciousness do the job. For the novel I am currently working on, in separate occasions, I actually dreamed two great solutions that my conscious mind could not see. I woke up and I knew how the story will go.

Since I am a graphic person, I have to translate the settings of my stories on an actual paper. And it is true, she is right, it helps me to find more interesting situations for the story. It also helps me to spot things that I have not seen yet. This graphic structures have shown me even patterns of behavior and had made me modify the story accordingly. In this way, the story remains coherent from top to bottom, physiologically and physically. Each scene demands the same work of the whole. The image above shows the graphical structure I made for the novel I am currently working on.


What is new to me and I am grateful to her for that is her point about the relationship between the character and the physical place that she mentions in her point 3: "Deepen Your Understanding of Character." I will take that into my consideration seriously. My way to get deep into my character is considering the character psychological nature and his/her psychological status at a specific scene. I have overlooked what she has pointed out so well. This communion between the character and his/her place, made me think of Mary Renaut and her biography of Alexander the Great.

Something else that comes from outlining my setting is that it organizes my research, too. After having the story structure in a very clear image, I can target my studies (reading, researching) toward one theme, one scene, or to one character at the time in an organized way, otherwise, the material I need to go through is overwhelming.

Reading her article made me think of so many things that I could go on and on. I already had noticed that I write notes about every aspect of my novel. All my reflexions, my thoughts, my digressions in search for good solutions always get noted down anyway. They may be interesting for some people and we all can get some insides from the comments.This is what made me think of writing this blog. It will be about my reflexions along the making of my next novel. I hope you like it and participate in this blog.